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Condominium owners welcome you to learn more about Fox Hill.

Learn more about senior living at Fox Hill from those who know it best: our condominium owners.

Anneliese Wilkerson

“The diversity of the professions here is phenomenal. Government officials, ambassadors, doctors, lawyers, scientists, CEOs, teachers—every walk of life.” …
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Marlies Buhler

“I wanted to make a move while I could still get adjusted to having a new lifestyle while I was still capable of enjoying it and taking advantage of it. This is a new chapter in my life, and I love this chapter!” …
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Jack & Sydelle Sipress

“If people think of all of Fox Hill as their residence rather than just the condominium, then it should be easy to have any number of grandchildren coming as frequently as they can handle them.”…
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June Farrell

“I wanted to come to a place like Fox Hill while I’m young enough to participate in activities and make this home. It’s been a good thing all around.”…
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Jacquie Horvath

“We all try to make each other feel at home. There’s a sense of community. It’s almost like living in a small town. I love living here. It’s the happiest I’ve been in a long time.”…
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Karen Brown

“It’s wonderful for a person who is living by themselves because you don’t have to be alone. You can be in your condo if you want privacy, or you can just go out in the hall and there is always someone to talk to. People should come earlier and enjoy it!”…
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Mary Jean Lindner

“People here are not only nice and enjoyable to be around, they are very active. People use their brains a lot here. I feel like I’m back in college. I would recommend it to anybody. Don’t wait too long before you move.”…
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