World Changers

Meet some of Fox Hill’s most extraordinary people.

Fox Hill World Changers is a bi-monthly profile of Fox Hill’s fascinating condominium owners who have helped change, shape and impact the world – past and present. The profiles will include stories of distinguished public service, compelling careers, captivating passions, life experiences and pursuits.

Please join us every two months as we share unique insights and perspectives from the Fox Hill community. The articles are written by Scott McCaskey, a journalist and former staff writer for the Virginian-Pilot newspaper.

Dr. Fredrick A. Murphy

Dr. Fredrick A. Murphy Still Fighting Deadly Diseases 40 Years Later and Counting Peering through an electron microscope, Fox Hill condominium owner Dr. Frederick A. Murphy, D.V.M. Ph.D., was the first person to see Ebola virus. As chief of viral pathology at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)…
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Dr. Howard Minners

Chief of Flight Medicine at the Launch of the Space Race When Project Mercury astronauts Gordon Cooper and Pete Conrad splashed down in the Pacific Ocean on August, 21st, 1965, Dr. Howard Minners was among the first people to greet them. In his role as flight surgeon and chief of…
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