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Cliff Kendall

“It has clearly made life easier”

Cliff Kendall and his wife Camille lived in a large home in Potomac, Maryland for nearly three decades. Two of their sons live in Maryland and two live in Virginia, so they wanted to stay in a central location. Fox Hill’s location was perfect for them, and they moved into their new condominium in 2009.

A Lifetime of Involvement

Cliff founded Computer Data Systems, Inc. and was Chairman and CEO for many years. He now serves on the boards of several companies. He and Camille, a former teacher, devote their time to furthering higher education and helped to establish the Universities of Shady Grove—Camille Kendall Academic Center in Rockville. A graduate of the University of Maryland, Cliff currently serves on two boards there as well as on the board of trustees at Wesley Theological Seminary.

Between traveling and their involvement in so many organizations, the Kendalls are often away from home and the maintenance-free lifestyle at Fox Hill suits them well. “I appreciate it every time it snows or anytime we take off, we shut the door and walk away and don’t have to worry. It’s much easier,” says Cliff. “You don’t have to factor it into your responsibilities.”

An Active Couple

Although the Kendalls have a busy schedule, fitness is a priority and they use Fox Hill’s fitness center extensively. Cliff does strength training and a cardiovascular workout on a variety of machines including the stationary bike, elliptical and treadmill. Camille has been working with Fitness Manager Anthony Absalon as a personal trainer to improve strength and stamina in her legs. “Anthony is very, very good and he works well with senior people,” says Cliff.

The Kendalls keep an active social life, too, and having several gourmet dining options at Fox Hill makes entertaining easy. “We have family over for dinners and brunches. And we eat with friends here frequently,” says Cliff. “Last night, we had three friends over for a cocktail and the five of us went down and ate together.”

“My wife and I think it was a very good move that we came here and we are very happy with the decision that we made almost five years ago. It sure has been a nice five years for us,” he says. “It has clearly made life easier and we’ve enjoyed being here.”

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