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June Farrell

Pets & Their Owners Love Fox Hill!

Although they didn’t know each other when they moved to Fox Hill in spring 2015, Ruth Tyler and June Farrell had several things in common. They both felt it was the right time to downsize from their homes of 40 years. They chose Fox Hill, in part, because it is a pet-friendly community, but they weren’t sure how their pets would react to living in a condominium.

“I was wary about the adjustment, but they adapted very well,” Ruth says of her cats, Silly Girl and Evelyn, which she had rescued from a shelter. “I didn’t know what to expect bringing my cats to live indoors. And I would say to anybody thinking about it, it was easy.”

For June, finding a place where Jake, her Labradoodle, was welcome was “non-negotiable.” When she found a ground-floor condominium at Fox Hill with an outdoor exit, she didn’t let that prime opportunity slip away and put down a deposit immediately.

Coming from a house with a yard and a large dog enclosure, June was surprised to find that “Jake is better off here than he was at home.” Between their daily walks around the grounds and the people, wildlife and other dogs going by the windows, she says, “There’s more action around here than there was on my quiet street. Jake is having the time of his life!”

According to June, having a dog helps her meet people. “There is an instant camaraderie with the dog owners,” she says. “A variety of dogs live here, and they all seem to really enjoy it.”

Fox Hill has been a good choice for these pet owners, too. “It’s the best move I ever made in my life,” says Ruth. “It all worked out. There’s absolutely been no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice.”

June adds, “I wanted to come to a place like Fox Hill while I’m young enough to participate and make this home. Jake was the catalyst. It’s been a good thing all around.”

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