The Maryland State Flower: Tips for Growing Black Eyed Susans

The Maryland state flower, black eyed susans

National Parks Services

Not everyone has a natural green thumb when it comes to gardening. Whether you water too much or too little, use the wrong soil, or suffer from a bug infestation, things often take a turn for the worse when cultivating plants.

With our guide to growing Black Eyed Susans, you can help this Maryland state flower flourish and come back stronger each year. Follow these tips to improve your gardening skills and nurture your green thumb.

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Making Gardening Easy: How to Grow Flowers Indoors

Brightening up the home with flowers seems like a fantastic idea, but indoor gardening can be challenging for beginners. Whether you do not have useable land to plant or winter is just around the corner, growing flowers indoors is an easy solution to keep your green thumb active. With a…
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