Self Governance

Fox Hill owners help govern the community.

Fox Hill’s Residential Condominium Association is controlled by its Board of Directors. The Board is charged with assuring the community’s physical well-being, promoting quality of life of the residents, and exercising fiduciary responsibility. Under the direction of the President, Board members are responsible for the implementation of the Bylaws. There are seven (7) members of the Board who are elected annually by the owners of the residential condominiums.

Board members serve three-year terms and those terms are staggered to provide continuity on the Board. From committee membership to Board service, there is a wide range of opportunities to participate and make a difference in the community.

Various committees and subcommittees appointed by the President provide essential support to the Board in carrying out its responsibilities. The Board’s work is bound by the terms of the Fox Hill Condominium Bylaws and the Maryland Condominium Act. The Board meets monthly, and meetings are open for participation by all condominium residents who may ask questions and/or or provide comments.

If you are interested in staying active while working with your friends and neighbors, a Fox Hill committee could be right for you.

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