Fox Hill Condo Owner, Gladys Lipton, Uncovers Her Inner Artist

We’ve all heard stories of someone taking up a new hobby when they retire. They might begin to play tennis or attempt to write a novel. These stories give us hope for life after 70, but in most cases, the man who takes up tennis doesn’t end up at Wimbledon and the woman who decides to write a mystery novel doesn’t end up on the best seller list.

91-year-old Gladys Lipton is the exception to that rule. Three years ago, she moved to Fox Hill, an upscale senior living condominium located in Bethesda, Maryland. Already attracted to the community’s fine dining, huge wine cellar, and many intellectually stimulating amenities, Gladys decided to take an art class and utilized Fox Hill’s impressive, on-site art studio. She had almost no experience, but began to paint and experiment. Her instructor was impressed and urged her to host an art show.

In January, Gladys took that first step, hosting her own art show and selling some of her work. More solo shows are planned, and Gladys has begun a new and notable chapter in her life.

Taking up painting is one thing. Being good enough to sell your work and create a following in the local art community is something else entirely.

Read the full story here.

If you’d like to view some of Gladys’ work, you can visit her website here.

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