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Mary Jean Lindner

“It’s been a great experience.”

A Washington, D.C. native, Mary Jean Lindner has always lived in the area. Before moving to their condominium at Fox Hill, she and her husband Thaddeus lived in an apartment at the Watergate. Thaddeus belongs to Burning Tree Club next to Fox Hill. They watched Fox Hill develop from the ground up, and it felt natural for them to move here. “We’re very happy with the choice,” she says.

At the Watergate, they were used to having restaurants and other conveniences of Washington, D.C. nearby, but they knew only a few of their neighbors because there were no organized activities. Fox Hill changed that; now they enjoy the company of many new friends and the convenience of being able to join them for lunch or dinner at one of Fox Hill’s four gourmet restaurants.

 Staying Active in Body & Mind

“People here are not only nice and enjoyable, they are also very active,” both mentally and physically, says Mary Jane. For example, she attends a literature class led by an owner who is a former teacher, and they read the works of Shakespeare and Greek philosophers. “People use their brains a lot here. I feel like I’m back in college!”

A graduate of George Washington University, Mary Jane is an avid reader and serves as chair of the Library Committee. “I read a lot and always have,” she says. “It’s a perfect fit.” She and other members of the committee stock the library with magazines, newspapers, bestsellers and other favorite titles.

The Lindners work out twice a week with the guidance of Anthony Absalon, Fitness Manager at Fox Hill’s Fitness Center. “It’s wonderful, and he’s very good,” says Mary Jane, who appreciates Absalon’s sensitivity to seniors’ health issues. As a result, they are more active now than before they moved to Fox Hill. When the weather doesn’t allow for exercising outdoors, they also enjoy walking inside the community.

The Benefits of Ownership

“We have a wonderful staff. There’s a very close relationship between the owners and the staff. It’s almost like we’re part of the same family,” explains Mary Jane. “It’s been a great experience. We have thoroughly enjoyed it.”

The Lindners appreciate the convenience of having nearly everything they need under one roof and the freedom it has given them to do what they want to do. “Grocery shopping and doctors appointments are about the only thing you’d have to do,” outside Fox Hill, says Mary Jane. They have transportation available when they need it, too. “I would recommend it to anybody. Don’t wait too long before you move.”

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