Retirement May Be a Perfect Time to Go Back to School

For years now, colleges and universities all over the country have offered courses for “nontraditional students”—i.e., those who may not be coming to college straight out of high school, or may not be pursuing a specific degree. Continuing education courses and “adult education” courses cover popular topics from finances to fiction writing, and from cooking to Chinese. Classes can offer people of all ages and all walks of life opportunities to expand their horizons, master new skills, ignite new passions, and keep their mind and body active.

Many people who already have a degree, who may have had a career for decades, still opt to go back to school, especially after retirement. When you’re going to college straight out of high school, the drive to excel at schoolwork, get a degree, and find the footing to start your life can make your college experience a stressful one. For adults who’ve already retired, going back to school can be much more relaxing, allowing you to simply enjoy the process of learning and trying new things.

For many people, returning to school is a way to rekindle old hobbies, or to experiment with activities they always wanted to try but never had time for in the past. Maybe you always wanted to take up painting, or write a memoir, or learn French, or work more effectively in your garden. There are classes for all of these things and many more, as well as courses that teach more pragmatic skills that can help make your daily life run more smoothly, help keep you healthy, and save you money.

These days, more and more people are choosing upscale senior communities that put them in the heart of a learning environment, where they can take classes and be around other active people with diverse and interesting hobbies. A college atmosphere also gives you access to cultural and sporting events, and world-class health care.

Located in Bethesda, Maryland, Fox Hill gives you the privacy, amenities, and cosmopolitan environment that you crave, but also puts you close to dozens of top notch colleges and universities in the DC area, where you can enroll, audit classes, get a degree, and participate in the cultural and social life of the college. The University of Maryland, Georgetown University, George Washington University, and many other fine institutions of higher learning are just a short drive away!

At Fox Hill, we know that quality of life is about more than just cozy surroundings and fine dining—although we have those, too!—it’s about staying active, constantly challenging yourself and finding new avenues of expression, new things to learn, and new ways to grow. That’s why we offer a variety of activities and lifestyle options in our world-class facilities, and also know the importance of being close to education, shopping, and cultural opportunities in the surrounding community. Whatever your passion, you can find it at Fox Hill in Bethesda, Maryland!

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