Volunteer Opportunities near Bethesda, MD

Volunteering is an essential part of our community and anyone can be a volunteer. You don’t have to be super outgoing or have loads of extra time on your hands to help others in need. With all the needs in Bethesda we are confident you can find the right opportunity that fits with your schedule and preferences.

There are dozens of impactful organizations in Bethesda that rely on volunteers to carry out their important work. Opportunities can range from helping feed those in need to inspiring youth. Here are four resources that can help match you to volunteering opportunities.

  • Volunteer Match Bethesda is a national organization the shares local opportunities. It includes profiles on the organizations and specifics of the opportunity.
  • Bethesda Great Nonprofits is similar to Volunteer Match except that it includes reviews and stories from volunteers, donors and supporters giving you more information before you decide where to volunteer.
  • Bethesda Urban Partnership is the city’s effort to organize volunteers for different events. They provide a variety of single event activities that range from event setup, selling tickets or assisting guests.
  • Montgomery County Volunteer Center has a large variety of volunteer opportunities within Montgomery County with specific information on organizations and specifics on each particular opportunity.

In addition to the resources above we have put together our own list of our favorite volunteer opportunities near Bethesda MD.

Volunteer to Give Food to Those in Need

There is always a demand to help feed the hungry in Bethesda and surrounding areas. Shepherds Table provides variety for their volunteers from meal prep, serving, cleaning, at their location or delivery and food pickup as needed. Since they provide meals multiple times a day it is easy to find a slot that fits with your schedule.

Another opportunity for food delivery is Food and Friends who prepare, package and deliver meals and grocery items to reach those who are unable to prepare their own meals. A typical route is 6-10 households and can take anywhere from 1-3 hours. They are quite flexible with their routes allowing you can pick one that best fits your schedule.

Visit and Assist Seniors

There are few volunteering opportunities as rewarding as visiting seniors who need assistance. Smith Life Communities provides a great volunteer program where volunteers can provide a friendly visit, wheelchair transportation or a musical performance.

If you are looking for a more involved way to assist seniors look no further than JSSA. JSSA puts volunteers to work in delivering meals from a variety of partners, friendly visits, and personal shoppers.

Assisting the Homeless

Homelessness is a complicated issue with a large variety of causes. For some people being homeless is an uncomfortable but temporary transition in their lives while others have been living on the streets for years. Two organizations are working to tackle the issue head on.

Bethesda Cares is an outreach program that provides food, clothing and psychiatric care. Volunteers help by assisting with drives to help collect food, clothing and toiletries. A Wider Circle organizes volunteers to help collect and distribute furniture like beds, dressers, chairs, dishes, pots, pans or other needed items to families transitioning out of shelters, escaping domestic violence or otherwise living without their basic need items.

Youth & Family Programs

If you feel that the youth are our future than you are not alone. NCCF Cares has over 20 programs assisting youth and families in a variety of ways including adolescent, community, family and foster care services. Volunteers can assist with childcare, Tutor, assist with administration, be part of the kitchen crew, etc.

If you want to take a more “active” part in youth volunteering then Girls On The Run might be a great fit for you. During the ten-week program volunteers can help 3rd – 8th grade girls develop essential skills and establish a lifetime appreciation for health and fitness. Volunteers can help coach a team or assist with the 5k run.

Another great opportunity to volunteer is with KEEN who empowers youth with disabilities with one-to-one programs of exercise, fitness and fun. Volunteers fill a variety of roles and Keen is quite flexible on volunteer times.

The Arts

For those skilled in the art of, well, art than there are plenty of volunteer opportunities to showcase you skills. The Highwood Theatre is a community-produced theatre needing volunteers to help with costumes and makeup assisting students grades 2-12.

For lovers of the performing arts but don’t have the skills, volunteering at Strathmore might be a better option. Volunteers assist with everything from ushers, marketing, tour guides, servers, concierge, special events and more.

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