12 Simple Kitchen Space Saving Ideas with Big Results

Many people use the kitchen as an informal gathering place for friends and family. This warm home center produces delectable smells and fond memories of past culinary delights. Friends share stories over a cup of tea while discussing the latest events and news. But when you have a cluttered kitchen, your family sanctuary begins to feel cramped. Free yourself from the mess with these 12 simple kitchen space saving ideas.

1. Install a Lazy Susan in the corner cupboard

These rotating circular shelves allow you to utilize corner space that formerly was too difficult to reach. Find a Lazy Susan with multiple shelving levels for even more storage space and better organization. For instance, designate each shelf for things like pots, Tupperware, or mixing bowls. Organizing kitchen goods with a Lazy Susan makes use of previously wasted cabinet space.

2. Get small, magnetized tins for spices

Storing spices in cabinets makes finding the one you need difficult. Rather than cluttering your cabinets with dozens of spices, label and fill magnetic tins, then store them on the refrigerator or a knife magnet strip mounted to the wall. Arrange the spice tins in alphabetical order for even quicker retrieval.

3. Use free wall space for shelving

Instead of using bare wall space for filler art or a calendar, put in mounted open shelving. You can use this additional shelving space for dishes or bulky appliances that do not fit well in existing cupboards. When organized neatly, the kitchen items on these shelves not only make use of the extra space, they begin to look like part of the kitchen décor. Open shelving makes smaller kitchens appear larger, while simultaneously increasing your storage space.

 4. Put rolling shelves inside cupboards

Replace cabinet shelves with rolling drawers. Next time you need to reach for that sparsely-used wok on the bottom shelf, you can roll out the entire drawer instead of having to bend down and root through the seemingly infinite cupboard. Rolling drawers provide easy and fast access to cabinets. This simple upgrade lets you to make the most of every inch of your cabinet storage, even those floor-level shelves with deep, dark corners.

5. Install recessed power outlets

Recessed power outlets allow you to push bulky appliances flush against the wall, making the most out of your counter space. Regular appliance plugs typically jut out at least an inch, sometimes two. Although this may not seem like much, the extra counter space gained with recessed outlets can make all the difference in an efficient kitchen.

6. Keep only your best

Do you really need a dozen mismatched plastic cups along with several sets of glassware? If space is an issue, keep it simple. Keep available one matching set of glassware, stemware, silverware, and any other utensils, like steak knives. Hang onto a few plastic cups or plates, but preserve space for the things you use most. Whether you store those other sets in another room, give them to family members, or donate them to local charities, moving these redundant items out of the kitchen frees up more valuable space.

7. Mount a hanging bar or rack to hold pots and pans

Install a bar on your wall with additional storage hardware, like hooks for hanging cooking utensils. These bars can be outfitted to hold pots, pans, and tools like spatulas and whisks. If wall space is at a premium, hang a storage rack from the kitchen ceiling. This can work for storing wine bottles and long-stem wine glasses as well. This stylish storage option makes the most of your kitchen space.

8. Opt for smaller, built-in appliances

Do you really need that extra-large fridge with the double-door freezer? Rethink your kitchen appliances and opt for small yet powerful options. Do your research before purchasing to find space-saving models that still hold up and perform well over time. If you have the option, build these appliances into your kitchen layout to keep the floor space open.

9. Install hooks inside cabinet doors

Put hooks on the inside of cabinet doors to hold utensils like measuring spoons and mixing-bowl attachments. This will give you easy access to kitchen instruments you use frequently without having to dig through a drawer packed with all your kitchen odds and ends. Depending on how much extra hanging storage you require, you can add as many or as few hooks as you find necessary.

10. Find a sink with tons of accessories

Sinks typically take up at least two square feet of space that function mainly as a cleaning area. To make the most of this space, install a new sink that comes with additional space-saving accessories. If you do not want to replace the entire sink, shop for accessories that fit your existing sink specifications. Find kitchen items like chopping boards, dish racks, and colanders built to function over your sink space. These utensils let you utilize space that otherwise serves just a few limited purposes.

11. Get a kitchen island

These multi-function kitchen pieces can be moved around to fit almost any kitchen. If you have the space, look for a kitchen island model that has drawers for pots and pans in addition to extra prep space—some even include a built-in oven and sink! Plus, you can add stools around the island to have it double as an informal kitchen table for more casual meals. Put the hanging storage rack over the island to add a decorative element to the kitchen and get more from your kitchen space.

12. Use minimal hardware

If you find yourself clumsily bumping into protruding handles and knobs in your kitchen, consider cabinets without additional hardware. Look for cabinet sets that have built-in, hidden handles to avoid snags and bumps on hardware in the kitchen. Or, simply replace existing hardware with smaller, flat pieces that do not jut out as far into kitchen walkways.


Avoid the frustration of trying to stack all your pots and pans into a few cavernous cabinets. Remove the clutter in your kitchen to maximize the space in your favorite room. These helpful kitchen space saving ideas will ensure you get the most out of your cozy kitchen.

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