Top 10 Best “Cooking for One” Resources

As you get older, cooking large meals becomes less necessary. Learning how to cook smaller portions saves you money and prevents leftovers from spoiling in the fridge. Cooking for one is a skill that every active, independent adult should master, so we have put together a list of the ten best resources available for the single chef, as well as helpful and easy cooking for one tips.

1. Recipes for One by The Food Network

Gourmet recipes from top chefs Alton Brown, Bobby Flay and many other favorites make up this special section of the Food Network website. There are over 350 recipes included on the site, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Plus, each recipe has ratings and reviews from people who have cooked and tried the dishes. The commenters share tips and tricks for potential substitutions in the recipes. This Food Network page makes cooking for one a simple yet delicious experience!

2. Cooking for One or Two by Kitchen Scoop

Kitchen Scoop’s cooking for one blog describes recipes and provides feedback on each one, then links directly to the recipe in the article. The writer provides helpful information about each recipe in their review. The recipes are easy and give step-by-step detailing, making them effortless and fun for any cook. Whether you’re making a delectable steak or a simple salad dressing, Kitchen Scoop’s “Cooking for One or Two” has over 40 blog posts with corresponding recipes.

3. Recipes, Tips & Solutions For Singles & Couples by 1-2 Simple Cooking

Organized into nine unique categories that range from fast food to vegan, 1-2 Simple Cooking trains solo cooks to use every resource available, including personal reviews, how-to videos and tips for every recipe. Seasonal recipes take advantage of produce and ingredients currently available in your area and gorgeous photography brings the recipes to life on the website. The small yet elegant dishes shared on 1-2 Simple Cooking will make you feel like a master chef.

4. Cooking For One by PBS

 Cooks of every skill level can enjoy the PBS blog “Cooking For One.” This website pulls single-serving recipes from different PBS segments and features more than 50 recipes, ranging from a Microwaved Corn on the Cob recipe to the more complex Ahi Tuna with Shitake Mushrooms. Organized by courses and themes, cooks can easily navigate to find recipes that suit the occasion.

5. Cooking For One by Helpguide

 Helpguide’s “Cooking For One” is the ultimate how-to on healthy cooking for one. Not only does the website provide a complete guide to planning your weekly menu, but it also shares all of the benefits for the process, too. Though the website is light on actual recipes, it provides you with plenty of information and useful tips for saving money when you prepare healthy and substantial meals. The website even lays out an essential cupboard checklist that catalogs everything you will need to successfully cook solo meals.

6. A Practical and Delectable Way of Cooking For One by Singly Scrumptious

Categorized in groups such as cupboard staples, cooking with leftovers and quick-fix meals, Singly Scrumptious provides unorthodox recipes for cooks looking to make smaller portions. It makes cooking for one even easier by providing useful tips like whether the meal will require many dishes and if it can be frozen for later. These details save you time and allow you to choose a recipe that suits your schedule. Check out the tricks and tutorials pages for even more ideas!

7. For One or Two Recipes by’s cooking for one blog contains hundreds of tasty recipes including replicas of famous restaurant dishes, like P.F. Chang’s Lettuce Wraps or Olive Garden’s Chicken Scampi. These recipes include detailed reviews from cooks who have tried out the recipes and notes from the original poster. Colorful pictures will make your mouth water as you browse through pages of original recipes.

8. Cooking For One by Allrecipes

Unique features like staff picks and a Recipe of the Day set Allrecipes’ “Cooking For One” blog apart from other single serving recipe blogs. There are over 430 recipes for small portion meals. Each recipe contains dozens of photos shared by cooks that have recreated the dish, as well as reviews sorted through a five-star rating system. Many recipes even include how-to videos that walk you through the recipe step by step and provide additional tips. The “On Sale” feature highlights deals in stores nearby when you enter your zip code.

9. Cooking for One by Greatist

 Looking to make a solo meal that is both healthy and appetizing? Greatist’s “Cooking For One” serves up 29 recipes that are simple, nutritious, and absolutely delicious. The blog splits recipes into the appropriate sections of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, and each recipe breaks down the nutrition information so you know exactly what dietary needs are being met.

10. Single Serving Desserts by Something Swanky

Many single cooks hesitate when it comes to dessert because of the commitment. An entire cake will most likely spoil before it gets eaten, but we have found a tasty solution! Finish up your solo cooking experience with a single serving dessert from Something Swanky. This blog has collected recipes from many different sources so you can satisfy your sweet tooth without wasting the leftovers. Browse through the photos on the main page to choose from mouthwatering desserts like the Single Serve (Healthy) Raspberry Ice Cream or Minute Microwave Cheesecake. No matter your craving, Something Swanky has recipes for every dessert lover.

Instead of reaching for the cereal next time you’re hungry, treat yourself to a wonderful home-cooked meal. These simple guides and cooking for one blogs provide detailed instructions that even a novice chef can recreate in their own home. Try out these instrumental resources to make delectable dinners for one.

Do you have a single serving recipe you like to make? We’d love to hear! Share it with us by leaving a comment below.

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