The Right Way for Seniors to Try Online Dating

Getting back into the world of dating as an older adult brings many anxieties, but online dating can be especially daunting. Knowing which website to use and understanding all the unspoken rules intimidates many seniors. But returning to the dating scene does not have to be a difficult and uncomfortable process. Follow a few basic rules to ease back into the dating scene and discover other single adults in your area.

Be Confident

According to a study done by AARP, older adults between the ages of forty and seventy are the fastest growing segment in the world of online dating. Rejoining the dating pool may seem awkward for seniors, but the facts prove that it is not uncommon. Get comfortable with the idea of online dating, and you will enjoy the experience of browsing available older singles.

No matter what age, confidence attracts. A brave persona and willingness to dive into the dating scene translates even over the Web. Let your confidence shine through; online dating is nothing to be embarrassed about!

Make Your Profile Pop

There are very few people who do not actually like long walks on the beach and reading a good book. These stereotypical summaries will not get more hits to your profile. Avoid clichés when filling out online dating forms. Dig deeper and share noteworthy facts about your activities. Do you have any interesting hobbies like bird watching or gourmet cooking? Talk about the things that make you unique, and your profile will generate a lot more interest from those who share your passions.

Before You Find the Right Date, Find the Right Dating Site

Before you choose a dating site, it may be helpful to know exactly why you are searching. Some dating sites emphasize casual dating, while others focus on people looking for long-term relationships. Some older adults use these sites merely for conversation.

How much are you looking to invest in online dating? While some sites offer free trials, many dating websites charge a monthly fee. Do your research to find which site suits your needs before you start looking for singles to date. Check out a few of these highest-rated dating sites for older adults:

AARP Dating



eHarmony’s Senior Dating

Always Trust Your Instincts

Avoid sharing too much information on dating websites. Knowing exactly whom you are talking with on dating websites is not guaranteed. Identity theft and fraud run rampant on the Internet, and many criminals use these sites to rob unsuspecting seniors unaware of common schemes.

Never share financial information with other users on dating sites. If a user is asking uncomfortable questions and you feel they are inquiring about confidential information, report and block them. Alerting the website to potential scammers may prevent other unsuspecting users from becoming the victims of identity theft.

Take it slow and give yourself time to ease back into the dating scene. This may be the first time you have been single in decades. Your goals and outlook on life have probably changed during that time. When dating in your twenties and thirties, you may have looked for attractive and wealthy partners. Priorities change as you grow older, and shifting your search will help you find a partner that is truly compatible with you. Suitors who share your values, religious beliefs, and political views will most likely be the best matches.

Enlist Your Friends and Family

No one knows you better than your close friends and family. Ask for help choosing pictures and filling out your profile. Your favorite picture may not be a good choice for a dating profile. Your friends and family can assist your decisions about what information to include and can provide an objective view of who you really are.

Once you have completed your online dating profile, get a few people to review it and share their opinions. This review process will make sure you do not overlook any of the typical dating mistakes in your profile.

Take Precautions

Only meet in person once you are comfortable with the situation and sure you know enough about your date. Choose a public meeting spot for the first date, preferably during the day or early evening.

Try not to put too much pressure on a romantic first date. Built-up hopes can lead to disappointment, even for the most experienced dater. Start by meeting for a cup of coffee or a quick lunch date. Testing the waters with a casual first date lets you get to know each other at a comfortable pace without adding extra anxieties. 

Stick With It!

The first time probably won’t be the charm in your online dating experience. You may have to go on several dreadful dates before you find a person you connect with on a deeper level. Do not give up on your search just because the first few did not work out. Give it some time and your online dating search will yield some fun dates, and maybe even a fantastic relationship.

As the saying goes, “You may have to kiss a few frogs to find your prince.” (Don’t quote that cliché in your profile, though!)


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