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Best Maryland Hikes

Maryland is a beautiful state with over 95,000 acres of state and national parks and hundreds of miles of trails. These trails range from easy paved walks on the way to historical sites to climbing the Appalachian mountains. But with so many options, which should you choose? To help you

What Does a Healthy Diet for Seniors Look Like?

As we get older, our bodies experience various changes that can have an effect on our dietary needs. Seniors have certain vitamins and minerals that are necessary for maintaining their wellbeing and health. Having a balanced and nutritious diet can help elderly individuals preserve their ideal weight, keep away from

Are You Ready to Live a Maintenance-Free Lifestyle?

Whether it’s due to a busy schedule, health issues, or just a desire to have more free time, many people find themselves in need of some extra help to keep up with the household chores and maintenance tasks that were once handled with ease. At Fox Hill, you can take

Why Fox Hill is a Good Investment for Your Financial Future

Key Takeaways: The real estate market is an ever-changing, intimidating force to be reckoned with. Though the decision to purchase property – whether for a home or condo – can be daunting, the benefits of making this investment in your future far outweigh the costs. Here, we will dive into

Condominiums for Senior Living in Bethesda

Senior living condos are a suitable option for those looking for a balance of independence and opportunities for events or social activities, with accessible offerings such as luxury amenities and convenient services. Condominiums are a popular choice for senior living in Bethesda, MD. These communities offer the financial benefits of

Autumn soups always satisfy from Chef Pascal

When the air gets cooler, meals that offer warmth are added to the menus at Fox Hill. Chef Pascal is happy to share an owner favorite, his Fall Ragout. Try this Fox Hill favorite at home. FALL RAGOUT INGREDIENTS 1/4 cup oil 1.5 lbs pearl onions 2 lbs gigante beans

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