Condominiums for Senior Living in Bethesda

Senior living condos are a suitable option for those looking for a balance of independence and opportunities for events or social activities, with accessible offerings such as luxury amenities and convenient services.

Condominiums are a popular choice for senior living in Bethesda, MD. These communities offer the financial benefits of condo ownership, the convenience of a maintenance-free lifestyle, opportunities for activities in the community, and more. 

Here, we look at the many benefits offered by senior living condo communities and the unique value of retiring in Bethesda, Maryland.

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Experience the Benefits of Condos for Seniors

Senior living condos are the perfect option for older adults. Condo ownership in a senior living community combines the benefits of property ownership with the best parts of senior living.

Maintenance-free living

Senior living condos typically offer maintenance-free living. All exterior maintenance, such as landscaping, snow removal, and roof repairs, is usually taken care of by the condo association. 

This, in addition to the many amenities provided in the community, lift many of the everyday stressors seniors experience when they live in or own a house.

Safety and security

Many elements of condos in these communities are designed with the needs of adults in mind, like enhanced lighting, walk-in showers, elevators and easy access to the outdoors. 

Residents can live a more peaceful life knowing they are in a community that prioritizes their safety. Most communities have security systems in place, such as 24-hour surveillance, entry gate systems, and on-site staff. 

Additionally, many senior living condos offer emergency calling and medical alert systems in case of emergencies. These services provide valuable peace of mind to both residents and their loved ones.

Investment in your future

Senior condos can be an excellent option for those looking for a long-term investment. These condos tend to appreciate over time as demand for senior housing increases. 

Owners can build equity that becomes an asset they can pass down to loved ones and also receive tax breaks.


Senior living condos are often more affordable than single-family homes, making them a suitable option for retirees on a budget. The smaller size of the units, mortgage, and purchase price is often perfect for older adults looking to downsize and maintain their independence on a fixed income.

Residents also avoid costs associated with maintaining a home and any fees that the convenient amenities take care of, such as buying food and providing transportation.

Variety of options

Often, senior living condo communities offer options so older adults can choose one that best fits their needs, from the number of rooms to the location in the community. Fox Hill features a variety of floor plans, with something for everyone.

Enjoying Luxurious Amenities and Services

Senior living condo communities offer residents the unique combination of space to cultivate their independence with amenities that allow for engagement with other residents. Convenient services present residents with anything they may need within the community.


Most senior living condo developments have an array of amenities specifically designed for seniors, such as fitness centers, swimming pools, game rooms, walking trails, and more. Fox Hill 55+ senior living community offers luxury amenities including:


One of the most convenient benefits of a senior living community are the services offered, making anything from regular errands to unexpected safety concerns far easier to address. At Fox Hill in Bethesda, independent living residents enjoy services such as:

  • Full-Service Business Center
  • On-Site Bank
  • On-Site Convenience Store
  • Concierge Assistance
  • Secure Parking Garage
  • Maintenance, Housekeeping, Laundry & Meal Delivery Services
  • 24-Hour Emergency Call System
  • 24-Hour Security

Build Relationships and Pursue Hobbies

In these communities, residents enjoy activities and events that create valuable opportunities for building relationships with others in the community and pursuing hobbies they otherwise may not be able to.

Many senior living communities offer regular events, both on and off campus. For example, Fox Hill prides itself on being a community that fosters continuous learning and an active lifestyle. 

Residents can experience regular Arts & Culture events such as classes at Fox Hill University – a platform for the Nobel Prize winners, entrepreneurs, professors, ambassadors, and other impressive residents of Fox Hill to share their wisdom and experiences.

Fox Hill partners with Bethesda’s most distinguished arts organization, Strathmore, to bring entertaining arts programming to the community’s captivating Performing Arts Center. Residents also come to this 200-seat hall for concerts, films, dances, theatrical performances, and more.

In addition to the events hosted on campus, residents can take advantage of frequent trips to nearby attractions such as farmers’ markets, national parks, museums, restaurants, historical sites, and more.

Live In an In-Demand Location

Imagine this: you’re surrounded by 16 acres of rolling land, with green grass and full trees bringing color into the community and freshness into the air. 

Though it gives the feel of a rural, tight-knit community, Fox Hill lies just 20 minutes from Washington D.C. and at the heart of Bethesda, Maryland – offering access to anything residents might desire.

Welcome Bethesda, Maryland

There’s nowhere nicer to retire than Bethesda. The weather is relatively moderate, with lots of sunny days and others dotted with rain clouds – the best kind for curling up with a good book.

The winter weather isn’t as cold as in more northern New England states, the summers aren’t nearly as scorching as in the South, and in autumn the community bursts with fall colors. Life is simple here. 
The simplicity of life at Fox Hill is balanced with an abundance of activities offered in Bethesda, MD. Anything you can think of – it’s here! From shopping in a light-filled row of stores to outdoor activities that take your breath away, there’s so much to discover in Bethesda:

Learn More About Senior Condos in Bethesda

At Fox Hill, condos are a popular choice as a senior living destination. Whether you’re looking for the financial benefits of ownership without the hassle of maintaining a home, luxurious amenities and convenient services at your fingertips, or rich cultural and social opportunities with your neighbors – Fox Hill offers it all.

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